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Chancas Amazon Rainforest Adventure Expeditions
Chancas Expeditions of Tarapoto, Peru offers you the adventure of a lifetime in the Amazon rainforest jungles of Peru. Whitewater rafting, river expeditions in the Amazon rainforest, jungle river trips with Ayahuasca ceremonies and guided tours with an English speaking guide to the mysterious region of Chachapoyas.



Whitewater raft or kayak on the Mayo river near Tarapoto or Moyobamba in the high jungle rainforest of Peru or paddle in dugout canoe and camp in pristine Amazon jungle rainforest in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve (the largest nature reserve in the Peru), participate in an authentic Ayahuasca ritual with a shaman surrounded by the sounds of the jungle or visit the mysterious cloud forests and ancient ruins of Chachapoyas and archeological sites of Kuelap, Karajia and Revash. These are some of the things you can do in our jungle adventure expeditions into the amazon rainforest of Peru - home to some of the most diverse flora, fauna, and indigenous cultures in the world. Tarapoto, our base, is an ideal location to begin your experience into ecological and cultural mysteries of the Peruvian amazon jungle guided by the US and European experts of Los Chancas Expeditions. We offer a wide variety of trips suitable for people of all ages as well as for those with physical limitations. Beginning in 2000 are guided trips to the Chachapoyas region where you can visit the ancient ruins of Kuelap, the 1000 year old sarcophagi at Karajia and the recently discovered mummies from the Lake of the Condors.

Write us with a list of your specific needs and we will develop a program for you.


Los Chancas Expeditions
Jirón Rioja 357, Tarapoto, Peru
Telephone: 51-94-52-2616
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